Noah’s Inclusion Services – a registered NDIS provider

Noah’s Inclusion Services is here to ensure you receive the services that your child (0-18 years) needs to thrive. With 40 years experience working with children with disabilities and additional needs and their families, Noah’s is your trusted local NDIS service provider.

Noah’s is registered to deliver multiple NDIS Services under the scheme for children and young people aged up to 18 years with a disability. We can also assist families with plan management for their child’s NDIS Plan.  We are focussed on providing high quality and effective services to assist children and families to meet their goals.

Children with an NDIS Plan often require a combination of different services and by accessing these under the one roof, it’s not only easier and more convenient, it also means a better result for your child as they are seen by a team that works together collaboratively.

The amount of funding each child receives is based on an assessment of your child’s individual’s support needs and what is reasonable and necessary. No two plans are the same, just as no two children are the same. Each child and family have their own unique set of circumstances, challenges and hopes for the future.

If your child has an NDIS Plan and you would like more information on accessing services and/or an estimate of the cost for NDIS services, please phone Noah’s on (02) 4423 5022 or see the NDIS Price Guide.

If your child doesn’t have an NDIS Plan, there are still some Noah’s programs that you can access, including playgroups, workshops and events.

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