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Support Coordination

Assistance with the coordination of services

Who is it for?

Support Coordination is for individuals who require assistance to coordinate services within their NDIS package.  Support Coordination is suitable for individuals who have more complex needs aged between 0 – 18 years.

What it is?

Support CoordinationSupport Coordination is a time limited service that focuses on addressing barriers and reducing complexity in the support environment for the individual, whilst assisting them to connect with supports and build capacity and resilience.  Individuals will be supported to work towards their goals and to be well connected with informal and mainstream supports.

Support Coordination may also involve the development of an intervention plan which will be put in place by a professional who has experience in supporting individuals with complex needs.

The broad aim of Support Coordination is to help an individual better understand how to participate in the NDIA processes such as establishing an agreement with a service provider, managing their budget flexibly and setting and refining goals, objectives and strategies.

Support coordination can help an individual or family to manage the budget parameters in their plan and aims to ensure that they have choice and control of service providers.

Individuals can access this program as well as other programs if it is approved in their NDIS plan.

How much do I pay?
Fees for this program are outlined in the NDIS Price Guide. Overall fees and charges will be individually tailored and outlined in a service agreement.

What funding is relevant?
Individuals can access Support Coordination if it has been included in their approved NDIS plan.

How do I refer?
Anyone can refer to this program.  Contact Noah’s Inclusion Services on 02 4423 5022 for more information.