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Family Disability Support Program

Family Disability Support Program

Support for Families with school aged children.

Who is it for?
The Family Disability Support Program provides support services to meet the needs of school aged children with a disability and their families or carers.

What is it?
The program aims to redress the service gap families may experience once their child starts school and reaches the age where they are no longer able to access early intervention services by:

  • Reducing the stress on families so all the family members can enjoy quality relationships as individuals and as a family and have hope for the future
  • Organising Recreational Events where families get to enjoy some time out together in a safe caring environment. Activities include an Annual Family Camp and Family Days Out.
  • Enabling families with children with disabilities to have fun and relax together by providing recreational based activities where they can have fun together, and have some relief from the responsibility of caring for their child with the disability, with other families in similar situations.
  • Maintaining contact with the parents so they can continue to make informed choices for their child.
  • Directing parents/families to information, support and resources when they need it
  • Providing peer support for siblings of children with special needs
  • Providing families with supportive networks

How does it work?
The program provides support through family activities and information about other events in the local area to help relieve stresses imposed on families by their child’s special needs.

What does it cost?
Previously this Program was funded through the Department of Family and Community Services, Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) but now we are more reliant on utilising funding from individual NDIS Plans. Noah’s knows the importance of this program and aims to provide family activities, which are affordable and fun.  Noah’s hopes to help subsidise the program through fundraising.

How do I enrol?
Anyone can refer to this program, contact Noah’s Inclusion Services on 02 4423 5022 for more information.