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Noah’s Skills Development & Action Camp

Family Disability Support Program

What is it?

Noah’s Annual Skills Development & Action Camp at Fitzroy Falls Adventure Centre is held at the end of each year for children 7-18 years, who have a disability, and their families who are unable to access mainstream camps. It runs from Friday to Sunday providing a unique opportunity for children with additional needs to feel included and to build capacity in a wide range of new skills with a proven track record of positive outcomes for the child and family.

Who runs it?

Noah’s has linked up with Optimum Experiences for nearly 20 years to provide an Outdoor Education Experience specifically for our Noah’s Families with a higher than usual staff ratio of specialised qualified/highly skilled and experienced staff including Noah’s Family Support Worker. This Program provides an intensive learning program to  cater for participants who have a wide range of disabilities including physical, intellectual and behavioural.

What skills will my child develop?

The extra staffing and support provides an intensive program with a wide range of physical activities and a perfect    opportunity for children to successfully practice their social and friendship skills in an easier, nurturing environment. Children learn to break out of their usual routines/comfort zones and realise they are capable of developing new skills,  trying new social and unpredictable situations, different environments, new foods, a weekend without Wi-fi and electronic devices, belonging to a team, creating costumes, dances and songs as part of group performances.

What activities are included?

Activities include high ropes, flying possums, flying foxes, kayaking, giant swings, swimming, bush walking, singing,   music, dance , craft, water slides, team and individual and group performances. We have different tribes rotating around each activity so everyone has more opportunity to try each activity, build confidence, realise their strengths  and gain new skills— self esteem, understanding safety, turn taking, friendships, cooperation,  fitness and wellbeing, whilst having lots of fun.

What makes this Camp different to mainstream?

Noah’s Camp is all about getting outside your comfort zone but in a safe environment. Friendships are made and renewed for every family member. Camp is also a great way for families to make important social connections in a   relaxed setting without any worry about judgement or sideways looks.  Families feel  more supported and gain information from each other as well as from our Family Support Worker who provides information and parent training during camp in an easier informal setting. The high ratio of Optimum Experiences staff go over and above to ensure everyone in the family is made to feel welcomed, included and engaged. For many of our families this is the only time they get away for a break and they all absolutely love it and can’t wait to return.

How does Camp fit in with my child’s goals?

SupportCapacity Building Activity
Increased Social Community and Civic participationIncreasing  sense of belonging by being part of Noah’s community. Increasing confidence in building other social connections and networks and try new recreational activities
Improved RelationshipsDeveloping positive behaviours and practice interacting and connecting and building relationships with peers and adults
Improved Health & Well-beingEffective and beneficial physical exercise.  Breaking down fears and building  self esteem and confidence and discovering and feeling encouraged to try new activities
Improved Daily LivingIncreasing self help skills, independence and community participation
Improved LearningTraining, information, advice and help to Parents whilst attending camp

What is the cost?

Currently in consultation with NDIA (Last year’s cost approximately $1,200). Parents and siblings each pay an additional fee to attend.

This includes all activities and accommodation in modest bunk-style rooms with accessible bathrooms available on request.

Please call us on (02) 4423 5200 for more information or to register.