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Kids Together

Kids Together

Preschool or School based Key Worker

Who is it for?
Kids Together is an early inclusion program developed by Noah’s Inclusion Services and is designed to support children with additional needs aged between 0 and 7 years.  The goal of Kids Together is to promote the development of participating children and their families and facilitate genuine inclusion in everyday life and activities.   It is available for children attending a participating Illawarra or Shoalhaven early childhood centre who have a diagnosed disability or recognisable needs. A Kids Together Key Worker is ideal for a child transitioning to school or preparing for school.

What is it?
The Kids Together program places a Key Worker, who is a qualified early childhood intervention professional, in places where children spend their time. For example day care centers, preschools or schools.

It has been shown that for early intervention to be most successful a child needs multiple opportunities to practice skills in everyday routines and experiences.     It starts in Early Childhood Education and Care Centres and then moves with the child and family to provide support for the first year of school.  The program also offers support in the family home as needed and other community settings.

How does it work?
For one hour a week during term time the Key Worker works in the preschool or school, alongside staff, to embed the child’s goals into everyday routines. The Key Worker can also organise training for the preschool or school staff.

How do I enrol?
If you are concerned about your child’s development, it’s a good idea to talk with your Preschool or Childcare staff.   You and/or the Centre staff can contact Noah’s for more information.