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Aboriginal Child Care Worker Project

Shoalhaven Aboriginal Childcare Worker ProjectWhat support is there for early childhood services to help Aboriginal children and families feel valued at their centre?
In the Shoalhaven, the Aboriginal Child Care Worker (ACCW) works closely with early childhood centres, particularly with community-based services, to ensure that Aboriginal children and their families feel welcome and their culture is embedded the program. The ACCW keeps teachers abreast of local Koori matters and gives advice on culturally sensitive issues. The ACCW also helps each early childhood service link with their local Aboriginal community.

Who does the Aboriginal Child Care Worker support?
The ACCW also supports Aboriginal children (aged 0-6) and their families to access:
1. Community–based early childhood services.
2. Specialised health and education services such as Noah’s Ark.
3. Local supported playgroups.

How can you get help from the Aboriginal Child Care Worker?
If you would like the help of Shoalhaven’s Aboriginal Child Care Worker, or you know a family or child care centre in need, you can ring the ACCW directly on 0434 242 345 to make an appointment. Or, if you would like us to set up an appointment, you can call 4423 5022.

This program funded by
NSW Human Services, Community Services and the Friends of Noah’s Shoalhaven