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Parent Tip Sheets

There’s an old saying: “It takes a village to raise a child.” Australian parents often feel they have to raise their children all by themselves, especially if they don’t have friends or relatives nearby. No-one can do everything alone, we all need help sometimes. As a parent of young children, you can often feel all at sea in uncharted waters.

We have prepared these Parent Resources for parents of young children to use if you need them. We’ve tried to keep them short and simple. Take the ones that are helpful for you and your family. Leave the ones that aren’t. There’s no single right way to raise children. Every family in Australia is different.

If you’re still having trouble raising your children, ask for help. Don’t hesitate. Ask for help.

Wherever you live in Australia, some people who can help you are:

  • Your family doctor or paediatrician
  • Your local Early Intervention Centre
  • Your local Community Health Centre
  • Your child’s preschool or child care centre
  • Your child’s school counsellor

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