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Be My Best Program

Managing Children Program

Behaviour support and training for children and their parents.

Who is it for?
The Be My Best Program is a child management and parent training program for families where behaviour difficulties are so great that other programs do not make a difference and the child is at risk of developing serious problems. The program is specifically for families with a child aged between 2 ½ to 7 years who experiences major problems with behaviour at home, preschool or school. Children may have special needs in addition to their behaviour. For example, ADHD or a diagnosed mental or physical disorder.

What is it?
There are two parts to this program. Firstly we provide one-on-one support and advice for parents and carers without the child present. This is an individualised service that can be face-to-face or through phone contact.

Following this, families can move onto the full Program. This program gives parents the opportunity to practise child management skills in a controlled, safe environment. Professionals provide immediate support and DVD feedback as well as assisting in the application of skills to the child’s specific behaviour.

How does it work?
The family (without the child) attends a private consultation session to determine the family’s needs and decide the best model of support required. If it is appropriate, they then attend the full Program with their child, which is the intensive phase of the program and includes 3 sessions a week for 10 weeks. Each session is 45 minutes long.

When signing up for the Program, parents agree to providing some details and evaluation. Click here for more details.

How much do I pay and how do I enrol?
NDIS funding is not available for this program but some families may be eligible for subsidised fees. To determine cost based on your individual circumstances or to enrol, please call Noah’s on (02) 4423 5022.