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Wreck Bay Early Education Support

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What is the Wreck Bay Early Education Support Program?
The Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community, in the Jervis Bay area, is somewhat isolated from the general community.

The Early Education Support Program was created to help children of Wreck Bay (aged 0-6) prepare for school and grow up to become empowered members of the Wreck Bay Aboriginal community. It supports children under school age, particularly those who may be at risk of not succeeding when they start school.

What do we do at Wreck Bay?

  • Booriwaragamia Supported Playgroup – for Mums, Dads and other family members caring for very young children.
  • Early Education and Therapy support at Gudjahgahmiamia MACS Centre – screening, education support and therapy all done at day care.
  • Community Information about the Early Years – Fun days with information about helping young kids grow strong and healthy.

The program is an initiative of the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community Council (WBACC) and Noah’s Shoalhaven. It’s designed to identify and support children with additional needs including children with disabilities and children at risk of learning difficulties.

How can you get support in Wreck Bay?
If you are living in the wider Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community, your child and family are eligible for this service. Call us and tell us what you need. You can contact the Gudgahgahmiamia MACS Service and the Booriwaragamia Playgroup as well to access the program.

The program funded by
Funded jointly under a grant from the Australian Government and the Friends of Noah’s Shoalhaven.