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Jerrinja Supported Playgroup

Jerrinja Supported Playgroup

Program Outline
The Jerrinja Supported Playgroup is part of the South Coast Medical Service Aborginal Corporation (SCMSAC) Binji Boori program and staffed by an SCMSAC worker, a Noah’s Shoalhaven Early Childhood Educator and Childcare Worker. The program aims to support families with young children in the Jerrinja Aboriginal Community, so they can maintain good health practices and access educational opportunities that enable them to succeed. The program does this through:

  • providing the children with development and educational opportunities through play, to give them the best opportunities to succeed in pre-school and school;
  • engaging the parents by modelling and sharing skills and resources, so they can provide the best environment for the children’s development;
  • building links for the children and parents into the local preschool and school;
  • organising workshops and designing activities to support the parents in such issues as healthy eating, child behaviour, reading to children, TAFE opportunities for mothers, developing craft and traditional skills;
  • observing children’s development, and the health needs of the families and referring them to AMS or appropriate services where further assessment or treatment is required.

The target of the program is babies, young children and their families from the Jerrinja Aboriginal Community.

Program aim
Babies, young children and their families have access to skills, services, education and health supports/ opportunities to succeed in further school environments and become strong members of the Jerrinja Aboriginal and wider local Community.

Disabilities Focus
Observe the children who may have additional needs, a disability, or be at risk of failing to learn, and support the families to access medical support, developmental assessments and early intervention services where relevant.

Aboriginal Focus
This program is specifically aimed at supporting Aboriginal families in or from the Jerrinja Aboriginal Community.

All families/children from the Jerrinja Aboriginal Community are eligible for this service.

Noah’s Ark Centre of Shoalhaven Inc. 2014
This program is funded by South Coast Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation (SCMSAC)