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Community Calendar

What is the Behaviour Support Network and the Community Calendar?

Finding information on how best to care for children can be hard. At Noah’s Shoalhaven, we’ve put all the information together in one place so it’s easy for you to find.

The Shoalhaven Behaviour Support Network (BSN) is a one-stop resource that lists all the programs, courses, playgroups, support groups and services in the Shoalhaven.

The information is for all families and carers who want information and support about raising their children.

The information on the BSN is especially useful for families with children with special needs and for Aboriginal children and their families.

How can you learn more?
Finding information to suit your family’s needs is easy now. You can browse our website or like our Noah’s Facebook    for up to date news of Noah’s events and other events in the local area.

Where do you find out more?
The Raising Children Network and the Parenting SA Parent Easy Guides are great websites for Australian parents with lots of information about all aspects of raising kids from babies to teenagers. Highly recommended!

This program is funding by
NSW Community Services and the Friends of Noah’s Inclusion Services.