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Karen Dennis parent of Harry Mitsoulis

Harry was referred to Noah’s Ark in 2009 when he was three years old and showing signs of a developmental delay.  He came to Noah’s for weekly group therapy last year and for Speech and Occupational therapies this year.

Before starting at Noah’s Harry only knew a handful of words and couldn’t express himself verbally.  He had poor eye contact and difficulties with his body movements and showed no interest in other children.

Within a few months of attending weekly group therapy, he was so much more interactive and verbal.  The progress he made in that short time was more than we thought he’d make in a whole year.  We are proud and amazed every day by the things he shows us, the things he knows and the once impossible tasks he can now so easily accomplish.

Harry was diagnosed with ‘Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not otherwise specified’ (PDD_NOS) and we were told that he may not cope in a mainstream school when he started Kindergarten.  Having attended therapy and early intervention classes, he’s now enrolled at our local school and has already started his orientation program.

Noah’s Ark has been a blessing to our whole family.  When you suspect your child isn’t developing as they should, it can be so daunting and isolating not knowing where to start to find help and support.  The advice and guidance that Noah’s Ark gave us throughout the diagnostic process was so comforting and supportive to us. They put us on the right path for the best treatment for Harry and gave us the security of knowing that we were doing everything we possibly could to help Harry with his needs.  Harry has improved so much over so many areas and he couldn’t have done it without the support and guidance of the team at Noah’s Ark.

Noah’s do such fabulous work with the families who attend their centres and always find time to talk to us and keep us updated.  I’ve attended some of the workshops and information sessions for parents and they have been such a wonderful way of helping us understand our son’s needs and become more involved in assisting his progress.

We want the wider community to know what a wonderful difference Noah’s Ark makes in the lives of the families and children they care for, and what an amazing difference early intervention can make in the lives of children with special needs.  Even if you never need to use their services, I urge everyone to support Noah’s Ark in any way they can, because they provide so many amazing outcomes for so many different families. The team at Noah’s are such an asset to our community; they have changed and enriched so many childrens’ lives over the years and we feel honoured that Harry was able to share his journey with them.